Happy Friday! Today is an especially happy Friday here because it is my 26th birthday! I’ve always been a big fan of birthdays and love celebrating them! I didn’t want to share facts about me because I wanted to write about something that you might love too. So, here are 26 of my favorite things that I hope you also love! Here they are!

1 Favorite home decor store (other than Home Goods, of course): Wayfair– A lot of our furniture has come from Wayfair and we have loved every single thing. They have such great customer service. I also love Kirkland’s! One of my friends introduced me to this amazing place and they have gotten a whole lot of my money since haha!

2 Favorite skincare: Tula– These products really are so good and even their travel sizes will last you for months. This Discovery Kit is a great place to start if you haven’t tried their products yet because it’s filled with some of their most popular items and a cute travel bag.

3 Favorite U.S. cities: I couldn’t choose one! Washington, D.C., San Diego and Nashville are my favorites, but I also loved Asheville and Boston.. I am being pretty indecisive with this one haha! My husband and I have Charleston & Savannah VERY high up on our travel wishlist.

4 Favorite Netflix series: Parenthood! Oh my goodness-this show is the best. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out! But fair warning-you will definitely be wishing there were more seasons!

5 Favorite place I’ve traveled to: Italy & London are pretty high up on the list, but I’d have to say Maui was my favorite.

6 Favorite places to shop: Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, Target, Francesca’s, Nordstrom, Abercrombie, Pink Blush

7 Favorite social media: Of course I am a big Instagram fan, but I could spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest ha! It is so addicting, but so helpful and I just love it!

8 Speaking of Pinterest, my favorite Pinterest recipes: This Shepherd’s Pie– SO good! We make it with ground turkey instead of ground beef and it’s delicious. Definitely a favorite in our house!

Another favorite that we make way more than I should admit- these rice krispy treats. I have been making them with gluten free crispy rice cereal & they’re amazing-I think even better than regular Rice Krispies!

9 Favorite leggings: These are crazy soft and they have pockets-need I say more? 😉

10 Favorite makeup products: I pretty much stick to the same products, but a few of my favorites are my Naked2 palette, this Smashbox primer  and Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss, which I’ve used since 8th grade, but maybe that is embarrassing to admit ha!

11 Favorite quote: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” You may have seen this one in my Instagram bio already, but I just love it and think it’s a wonderful reminder that helping, encouraging or uplifting others will never be something you regret.

12 Favorite hair products: These two picks are pretty simple & very affordable! Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray– I have used this for years and always spray it on right before putting any heat on my hair. It definitely makes a difference because I style my hair almost every day and hair stylists always comment on how healthy my hair is for being styled so frequently. It’s also under $6. Another favorite is my Wet Hair Brush. This thing will go through your hair like butter! I use it in the shower and it’s amazing!

A third hair favorite is this curling iron and straightener cover. You can put your hot straightener or curling iron straight into this cover and you’re good to go. It even has a little slot for the cord. So perfect for travel and even just getting clutter off of your sink. I use it almost every day!

13 Favorite travel splurge: Flytographer– If you’re going on any sort of special trip and you can swing it, I would definitely recommend Flytographer. I actually won a free shoot that we used on our honeymoon and I am so happy we did. The pictures are beautiful and we got them back so quickly!

Another travel item that isn’t really a splurge, but I find it essential for any tropical destination-this pineapple float. I got it in Hawaii and I wouldn’t be lying if I said it played a part in me planning another tropical vacation to Mexico last year haha! It’s so fun!

14 Favorite spring trends: Bow shoes, cold shoulders and head bands. You can check out my favorite spring shoes here and my favorite cold shoulder, maxi dress here.

15 Favorite inspirational book: 100 days to brave I’m not too far into it, so I can’t speak for the entire book, but each day has a great message that is short and sweet, making it really easy to stick to.

16 Favorite shoes for work: These flats are so comfortable and cute. I got them in 2 colors for work and always get compliments on them! I have to do a lot of walking during my work day, so these are really functional, but the scallops make them a little more dressy.

17 Favorite year: 2016-This one is a little more personal, but 2016 was pretty crazy for me (in a good way). I finished grad school, we bought our first house, moved states, started my first real job, got a dog, got married and went to Maui (all in a matter of about 5 months)! It was wild, but very exciting. Not to say any other years haven’t been exciting, but that was definitely one to remember. 🙂

18 Favorite dairy free ice cream: For all my lactose intolerant friends out there, Ben & Jerry’s and Breyer’s make THE best non-dairy ice cream! If you didn’t read the label, you’d have no idea it was different from the real thing.

19 Favorite flowers: Peonies, but I also love hydrangeas! My all time favorite flowers would have to be my wedding bouquet, which you can see here.

20 Favorite blog post: See it here 🙂

21 Favorite self-tanner: Golden Star Beauty tanning oil, face serum and tan extender. These products are SO good and I’m sure you will love them. They’re so easy to use & they smell great!

22 Favorite nail polish color: I have about 10 shades of light pink in constant rotation haha, but when I get gel nails, I always ask for OPI Let’s Be Friends.

23 Favorite jeans: These are truly the best and most comfortable jeans I have ever had! They’re called super soft jeggings and they are like wearing leggings. I haven’t purchased any jeans, since because they just aren’t as soft and comfortable as these. I have to give my husband credit-he got me them for Christmas. 🙂

24 Favorite stationery: I know this one may seem totally random, but I love Minted! I got my bridal shower invitations, our wedding invitations and all of our Christmas cards from Minted and they always do such an amazing job! Make sure you watch out for 20% off sales-they come up pretty often!

25 Favorite Starbuck’s drink: Have you tried the pink drink? 😉 It’s pretty delicious! But I also love a white mocha with almond milk.

26 Favorite phone & computer Cases: I love my clear Otterbox, but when it comes to designs and pretty cases: Caseapp! P.S. Here is your hint about that giveaway! Can’t wait to share it with you all soon!

Whew that was long! If you made it to the end, thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend!