Now that my baby shower has come and gone (it’s crazy to say that!), I was so excited to share some of my favorite items that we registered for. We did a lot of cleaning and made one pretty big trip to Goodwill before the shower and I’m so glad we did because babies definitely come with a lot of stuff and I know we will still need to grab some more before her arrival! If you’re working on your registry or have a new baby that you’re shopping for, I’m hoping this covers a little bit of everything. There are so many nursery-specific items we purchased/received that I love, so I will add those in another post.

1 Melodies Lamb – This stuffed lamb is so soft and can be activated to start playing when it hears baby cry!

2 Diaper bag – This diaper bag fits so much in it. It even has 3 insulated pockets in the front for bottles and so many extra pockets inside. You can also unzip the back to reach things at the bottom without unzipping and digging through the entire bag!

3 Comotomo bottles – These bottles have a ton of good reviews and are really soft, so they can be easily packed without taking up much space when empty.

4 Boppy Bare Naked pillow & cover – The Boppy nursing pillows come in a ton of color options. I decided to get the Bare Naked Boppy and then add a few covers so that I would always have one when the other is being washed. Even if you get the Bare Naked Boppy and one cover, it ends up being the same price as a regular Boppy. šŸ™‚

5 Skip Hop wipe clean changing pad – As soon as I learned that this exists, I knew it was the changing pad I wanted! It is a bit pricier than a traditional changing pad with covers, but this can easily be wiped clean after each change without ever having to wash a changing pad cover. That definitely seems worth it to me and it comes with a cute cloud mobile at the top!

6 Silicone bibs – We did get quite a few cloth bibs too, but I think these silicone ones will be so easy to clean after messy feedings and how convenient that they catch food?! There are plenty of colors to choose from too.

7 BundleMe car seat cover – I was a bit confused at first about how to keep our baby warm while she’s in the car seat since you can’t put coats on them while strapped in. When I saw this cover, I knew it was perfect! It has so many good reviews, comes in a few colors and is SO soft.

8 Halo Bassinest – This one definitely seems to be a popular choice and I can see why! It has legs that can slide under your bed and one side bends down so you can easily grab baby in the middle of the night.

9 Evenflo Xpand travel system – This is by far one of my favorite items from our registry! It comes with the stroller, infant car seat, car seat base and a toddler seat, so it will last you for years, even through multiple babies. It does come in a few colors, as well.

10 Baby monitor – I left the baby monitor research up to my husband and I love the one he chose! It has so many good reviews and we already love it. It has a screen so we will be able to both see and hear her while she’s in her room. We can also talk to her through it and I know it will give us such peace of mind to be able to check on her anytime without having to walk in her room.

11 Skip Hop activity center – There are so many activity centers to choose from, but many of them have crazy, neon colors on them and I just wasn’t into them. When I saw this one that has mostly neutral colors, but still so many fun things for baby, I thought it was perfect! You can move the toys around and there is a see-through panel so the baby can see his or her feet through it!

12 Blooming Bath – This is also a pretty popular pick, but it is so soft and I’m sure will be super convenient to give our baby her first baths in. You can use it in the sink up until 6 months and then it can be used a mat for the bottom of your tub! This also comes in quite a few color choices.

13 Baby carrier – Another item that there are so many to choose from! This Amazon find has really good reviews, comes in a few colors and is really affordable. I will mostly be using the Solly wrap for the first while, but my husband can’t wait to use this one!

14 Boppy newborn lounger – I’ve heard that these are so convenient! The lounger is actually a bit bigger than I expected and is a soft fabric, but can still be wiped clean if necessary. We went with the floral option, but there are many others to choose from!

15 Burp cloths – Definitely an essential I would say. This 4-pack is just under $10 and I’m always a big fan of muslin.

16 Diaper Genie – I’d say this speaks for itself ha! We did do a bit of research to decide which diaper pail would be best, but some of them are really expensive. We went with the classic Diaper Genie because it has been around for so long and is affordable. Of course, I can’t share an opinion on how effective it is yet, but I’m sure it will do the job. šŸ™‚

17 Power adapt portable swing – I had originally registered for another swing and ended up changing to this one at the last minute, but I’m so glad I did! It’s really affordable compared to many others and is SO soft! I’ve heard from a lot of people who registered for really expensive swings that their babies ended up not liking them at all, so I didn’t want to take the chance. This one is perfect so far and plugs in so you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries on hand all the time.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope this was helpful!Ā