I am so excited about this post because I’m sharing with you how I edit my photos for my blog and Instagram posts. I used to spend SO much time editing my pictures on this app and that one trying to make sure they were all cohesive. Ugh-it took forever and could get kind of frustrating sometimes. Then, I would post the picture and not even be that happy with it. But, that has changed drastically since I discovered Dreamy Presets!

I was doing some research on editing photos and looking for a way to do it that would make my pictures cohesive, but would also allow me to work with different backgrounds and not take up a ton of my time. I knew a lot of people use Lightroom to edit, but I didn’t have Lightroom, nor did I have any experience with it, so I was trying to avoid that. I downloaded a bunch of apps on my phone, including Snapseed, VSCO and Facetune. All of these have features that are great and I do still occasionally use Facetune, but they just weren’t working for me.

I came across Dreamy Presets on Instagram and decided that was exactly what I wanted! So I caved and got Lightroom, which is around $10 a month for the plan I have. I then purchased the Millennial Pink presets pack from Dreamy Presets and, within minutes, the presets were completely downloaded and I was editing my photos in seconds! At the time I purchased them, they were only selling presets for desktop, but they now also have mobile versions available! Now that I have Lightroom and use these presets, editing photos is my absolute favorite part of blogging and I truly can edit a photo with 1-3 clicks and be finished!

Here are a few examples of before and afters using the Millennial Pink presets:

                                                           In addition to the Millennial Pink presets, Dreamy Presets has 5 other preset packs that you can choose from. In the photos below, I will show you two photos that have been edited with 3 different presets!




And.. Dreamy Presets is celebrating their second anniversary, so you can get these presets for 15% off until tomorrow, July 18th, at 12pm Pacific, when you use code LARADREAMY. You can read additional reviews about their presets here and see how much everyone who buys them loves them!

Thanks so much for reading!

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you order the presets or tell me which one is your favorite!