This salmon-colored sweater is about the most orange-looking thing I have to wear for Halloween ha! This time of year always makes me realize I am really not an orange person. Since I work in a school and the kids have been talking about Halloween since the first day, it feels to me like it should be over by now ha! It’s so fun to see how excited they get though. 🙂

I have been loving skirts lately and actually styled this one when it was still a bit warmer out in this post with a lighter button down. Now that it’s getting colder, I didn’t want to stop wearing it yet, so I just changed up the top to make it a bit warmer. You can tuck any sweater into a skirt like this, but it tends to be easier if the sweater is ribbed at the bottom, so you’re not dealing with a ton of extra fabric. The sweater I’m wearing here is ribbed at the bottom and there is still a good amount of extra fabric, so you can imagine how it may not work with a sweater that’s loose at the bottom. I added the scarf here because it was a little boring with nothing on top, but if your sweater has a fun design, you may not need one.

These flats are my all times favorites! They are SO comfortable and I get a ton of wear out of them. They also come in multiple colors and are right around $50.

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