If you haven’t seen her before, meet my mom! Saturday was her birthday, so we decided to spend the day in Cooperstown, NY. She has been there before, but my husband and I haven’t and we all loved it! We first stopped at Ommegang Brewery, which is where this picture was taken. As you can see, it’s a pretty nice brewery and they have a great restaurant too. I had some amazing tomato basil soup and my mom & Dave both loved what they got too. They also didn’t mind the beer tasting they did after lunch. 😉

After lunch, we headed downtown and went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Even if you’re not a big baseball fan, it is still a really cool place with a ton of history. I’d definitely recommend going if you have a chance! Afterward, we walked around downtown and went into a few cute shops, including a candy store and the Cooperstown Bat Company. Some of the stores had closed early because of a festival going on that day, so there were some other great shops we just did some window shopping at, but they all looked really nice! If you’re there in the morning, there is a really cute bakery on the corner of Main St. that my mom said is great!

If you get a chance, definitely take a quick trip, even just for a day, to Cooperstown. It’s a really cute place and is SO pretty right now with the leaves changing. I’d love to hear about it if you get a chance to go!

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