Until recently, I have to admit I had no idea how many cute clothes were on Amazon. When I first started looking, I was pretty skeptical of the quality and, honestly, some items have horrible reviews. But, there are also a ton of cute items that have great reviews! As I was scrolling through dresses on Amazon, I came across this one and loved it! It comes in 11 colors and I had the hardest time deciding which one to get, but I’m happy I went with this one. That’s not to say I won’t go back for another color. πŸ™‚ All of them will be great in the fall too with boots.

A few days before I found this on Amazon, I saw a dress just like it at Nordstrom for $128. I loved that dress, but wasn’t going to spend that much. This dress costs a fraction of that, ranging from $26-$50, depending on which color you get, but most are around $35. Not bad when you realize that it’s actually a really great dress! I was worried about this color being sheer, but the bottom has two layers so you can’t see through at all.

I’m so happy I took the chance with Amazon. I’m definitely going to be ordering more clothes from there because they are SO affordable. Just make sure you read the quality and sizing reviews first. Many items also have pictures, so definitely scroll through those!

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