All photos were taken by Krista Brackin Photography

I have been so excited to share our nursery! Before we found out we were having a girl, I knew that I wanted the nursery to be mostly neutral regardless of gender. I also knew I needed those bunny prints whether it was a boy or girl because they are so darn precious and everything else followed.

It took longer than I expected to find things that I really loved and were just the right color for her room. When we did find out we were having a girl, I wanted just a touch of blush pink in there so it was clear it would be a girl’s room, but still subtle and the blush ottoman was perfect! The quality of it is amazing and it looks way more expensive than it is. I had a hard time finding a crib sheet that matched it perfectly, but I finally did (and linked it below, along with everything else)!

Another thing that was important to me is that the room is safe. We purposely kept the crib away from the windows so that she won’t be grabbing the curtains once she’s old enough. I also didn’t want anything heavy or anything that could fall hanging over her crib, so we went with the name decal, which I absolutely love! I will admit, it wasn’t the easiest thing to hang, but once it was up, we loved it and it looks perfect! I’ve linked most of the items from our nursery below. The baskets on the floor are from Home Goods and Target! Hope you love everything as much as we do!


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