I can’t believe it’s time already, but the first gift guide of 2018 is here! Based on the polls I posted on Instagram, (even though it was so close!) most are interested in gifts for him. So, I decided to do that one first so you can get to shopping. Men are always the hardest to shop for anyway, so we may as well get started early, right? So, here it is!

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Outdoorsy Gifts

Businessy Gifts


Tech Gifts


Foodie Gifts


Sporty Gifts




I hope this was helpful and you found a few things you like! I also have to add that I love giving gifts that are experiences either in addition to or instead of material things. Last year, I gave my husband a trip to Asheville as his Christmas gift and he absolutely loved it! You can always buy tickets to a concert or sports game, a membership to a nearby place that he likes or a weekend away. You could also look into cooking classes, paint nights, etc. If you don’t have any ideas coming to mind, check out Groupon and I’m sure you’ll find a few local things on there that you may not have even known about! Best of all, giving experiences is kind of like giving yourself a gift too because you can join him in whatever the activity is! Happy gifting. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!