Happy New Year! I hope it’s off to a great start! Apparently mine started 2 minutes later than everyone else’s.. As my husband and I were watching tv and waiting for the ball to drop, we realized around 11:35 that, because we were watching through an app, our tv was delayed by two minutes ha! We’ll definitely have to figure out a better system for next year!

One of my favorite tops I wore over the holidays was this pretty peplum I got from Loft. They have been having a crazy amount of sales lately and they’ve all been so good! Loft is my favorite place to buy work clothes, so it’s definitely worth it to grab what I can during a sale because I know I’ll get great use out of them. If you’re not familiar, they also sell Lou & Grey, which is probably the most comfortable line of clothes ever!

I am so excited for 2019 and hope that it has big things in store for all of you! I’m usually a pretty positive person, but to be 100% honest, 2018 was not my favorite. Of course, there were some wonderful moments and experiences, but there were also some more difficult days that weren’t so fun. So..I’m hoping that 2019 is a whole lot better!  Whether 2018 was a great year for you or if it was a bit more challenging, I hope that 2019 brings nothing but good things your way. 🙂


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