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Maui, Hawaii











We loved everything about Maui and wish every day that we could go back! We had a bunch of excursions planned before going and I’m so happy that we did them all. There were times, though, that I was dying to get back to the beach and pool at our hotel!

One of our favorite things we did was a photo shoot with Flytographer. I had won a contest through their Instagram page a few months earlier, so I figured our honeymoon was the perfect time to use it! Our photographer was awesome, made it so much fun and gave us a bunch of suggestions for food and things to see. I looked for the right dress for these pictures for the longest time, but when I saw this Lulu’s dress, I knew it was perfect. It was a little long, but it worked out perfectly near the water and with the wind blowing. I’d love to get in in another color too!

We drove the Road to Hana and actually went way past it to get to the bamboo forest. It was awesome, but it also took a really long time on a road that could get a bit scary at times. I’m happy we went, but I think there is much more to see than what we did. You just can’t see it all in one day! I’ll take it as an another reason to go back someday. πŸ™‚

Bamboo ForestBamboo Tree jpg

waterfall jpg.jpg

We also did the Haleakala sunset. We chose sunset instead of sunrise because we didn’t want to be getting up at 2am and driving up that mountain in the dark! We, of course, ended up driving down the mountain in the dark, but at least we had a little idea of where we were going. You need to be careful whenever you go! As we were driving back down, we had to stop really quickly because a group of wild hogs were crossing the road! That was certainly something we hadn’t seen before!


It was freezing up there, but definitely worth it!

Here are some of our favorite things we did in Maui:

Favorite restaurants:

  • Monkeypod Kitchen
  • Flatbread Pizza Co
  • Mama’s Fish House
  • Bistro Molokini

Favorite Excursions:

  • Trilogy Snorkel Cruise
  • Haleakala Sunset
  • Clearwater Kayaks
  • Flytographer Photos!


  • Grand Wailea


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