Happy Thanksgiving week! Today was the last day of school for Thanksgiving break and the students were definitely feeling the excitement. It probably didn’t help that they also had an ice cream party at the end of the day.. but, at least they had fun! I’m so excited to have a few days off and enjoy the best eating day of the year ha!

I’m so excited to share this look with you! This skirt is definitely one of my favorite holiday-friendly finds so far this year. The colors are so pretty and it’s really soft! It also has an elastic waistband, so that can just speak for itself. 🙂

Since the skirt is velvet, it is “winter-y,” but the colors don’t limit it to being holiday-only, if that makes sense. It would be perfect for any winter weddings or events you have coming up, but can also definitely be worn for any Christmas or New Year’s parties.

I used to really not be a fan of skirts or dresses this length, but they have definitely grown on me! With heels, the length can be flattering on anyone. Before you think I’m crazy for wearing open-toed shoes with this outfit, these are not the shoes I had planned to be wearing!

When I pulled out the shoes I had planned to wear with this skirt, they looked great, but when I got into daylight, I realized that they have somehow completely changed color since the last time I wore them! They were originally a perfect shade of nude, but have morphed into a really gross-looking yellow. My husband now calls them my “corn shoes” HA! So, that would explain the pink sandals, but, thankfully, they match the skirt perfectly and saved my outfit. 🙂

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!